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While we appreciate that most of us are drawn visually by the website we visit (and graphics certainly are important), a website is above all other things, a marketing tool. If your website is not generating leads and converting these leads into real sales, it is not doing its job.

We analyse your goals whether this is the promotion and sale of a product/service, the distribution of information, or the interactivity of a community of people. Once your objectives have been identified, your website is built up in order to achieve these goals. Instead of an overpriced online business card, you will have a website that works for you and pays for itself.

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Websites need to be designed with the user in mind. It is important to realise that design and creativity are not the most important aspect but usability is. Is your site usable?

Search Engine Friendly

More than half of your unique visitors will arrive at your website through the use of a search engine. Surely, this means that if your site is not in the top search results for your chosen keywords, you will lose out on over 50% of your potential website visitors. Why spend any money at all on your website if no one is ever going to see it?

We will ensure that your website content and structure are optimised for search engines so that it is easily indexed and your organic search rankings will sky rocket.


Do you know how many unique visitors your website received today, this week, last month? Your website is a marketing tool. If you are not measuring the results of your marketing efforts, how will you know what is working and what should be discarded? How will you know what you should be spending money on and what you should leave out of next quarter’s budget.


The difference between a good website and a great website is determined by how often and how easy it is to update. Fresh and valuable content is the key!

If your website doesn’t match the above checklist, consider letting us help you to get your website back on the map.