Is Social Media female dominant?

Women and Social MediaIt shouldn’t be too much of a shock to find out that social media is used more heavily by women than by men. Women excel in using social networking tools in comparison to men. This includes other internet communication forums and the habitual use of social media. However, it is interesting to examine why this is the case.

Women communicate freely

Women are natural communicators and like to do so. While women are good at connecting with family, men are more proficient in phone conversations, while women are better at online communication systems. Wow, that doesn’t make sense…Although, in retrospect, this may be true. A phone conversation requires a real-time response and doesn’t allow for real expression of emotions thereby making it more difficult to hide true feelings behind words or to be able to spell out ones emotions. Since women are big at expressing their feelings and not just necessarily their thoughts…social media is the perfect forum for communicating those feelings.

Women make spending decisions

Women are more likely to click on Facebook ads than men are. This is according to Facebook marketing data which was released earlier this year. Women are also a viable market to target as they have been proven again and again to be the spenders in a household as they do most of the shopping within a family situation. While men will use online stores for games, when it comes to a gadget, or clothes etc. men are more likely to want to see the product in front of them rather than buy the product online.

Women use social media habitually

Women are more likely to form a habit of using social media until this behaviour is considered normal. This behaviour may stem from a desire for popularity, or a chic internet presence or even a woman’s need to know what is happening around them. Men may have other ritual-forming habits but since they don’t feel the explicit need to communicate with their friends on many different forums, a man will rather visit or pick up the phone than be “friends” with someone on Facebook that they see every other day.

And so, in conclusion, it seems that women are dominant in the social media arena and seem to normalise communicating through social media much easier than men do.