Twitter Launches Ads for Small Businesses

twitter advertising platformTwitter recently announced that selected small businesses will be able to begin using its self-serve ad platform for promoted tweets and accounts. The select group of companies with initial access to this feature will be American Express merchants and card members.

The credit card company has partnered with Twitter in order to launch the platform and has offered early access to their customers along with $100 credit for advertising for the first 10,000 signup companies.

The first batch of small businesses to have access to the platform will be notified via American Express and access to the platform will be increased to others over the next while.

The Promoted Accounts feature suggest a brand’s Twitter account to users with interests similar to those who are following the brand, while Promoted Tweets use existing tweets that have inspired more engagement than other tweets and promotes the tweet in the search results. A small business will only pay when their account is either followed or someone engages with a promoted tweet.

The self-serve advertising platform which was made available in November to a handful of advertisers remains closed to most businesses.

American Express has been involved in the past with Twitter-based promotions and has shown aggressive interest in pursuing partnerships with other social networks such as Facebook with “Link, Like, Love” and Foursquare loyalty rewards.

Twitter, being a private company, doesn’t disclose advertising revenue on principle but eMarketer estimates that Twitter’s revenue will more than likely total $259.9 million this year alone.